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The Change Agents We Work With

Movement Builders and Organizers Who…

Build community power and organize to dismantle systems of oppression in service of our collective liberation.

  • Are led by Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI, LGBTQIA+, and people with all abilities.
  • Center interdependence, community care, liberation, and decolonizing practices and ways of being and knowing.
  • Organize to abolish the prison industrial complex (including police, prisons, ICE, detention centers, border control, and military) and disrupt the domination of the nonprofit industrial philanthropic complex (NPPIC) under neoliberal racial capitalism that promotes charity, bootstrap mythology, and notions of deserving and undeserving.

Nonprofits and Community Organizations Who…

Resist paternalism and ensure their work is guided by and with the communities they work with, serve, or support.

  • Critically interrogate the NPPIC and their role in it, including the predominance of saviorism and individualized service provision baked into the nonprofit system—and the role of the NPPIC in coopting radical movement organizing.
  • Want to truly understand the change they are and are not able to generate—not prove they are equitable, doing good, and so on.
  • Are not white led or dominant OR know being so is problematic and are taking steps to change it.

Funders Who…

Stop/transition away from paternalistic, exploitative, and extractive philanthropic practices.

  • Taking actions like spending down endowments, increasing payouts beyond the 5 percent minimum, relying on grassroots fundraising over wealthy donors, and establishing constituent- and movement-led grantmaking strategies.
  • Are not dictatorial about what they want out of evaluation (e.g., prescribed learning and evaluation questions, methods, metrics, etc.)
  • Are not white led or dominant OR know being so is problematic and are taking steps to change it.

Does this sound like you? If so, we might be a good fit to partner! If this does not sound like you, but you aspire to be in this place,
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How We Structure Contracts and Our Work Together 


Contracts include a preamble that we discuss before anything is signed to ensure that we are all clear about our political and ethical commitments surrounding a contractual relationship together. Additionally, discussing the preamble supports a collective decision about whether we want to work together.

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Building/Foundational Phase

Early relationship building, learning the context, and capturing perspectives across multiple positionalities are central activities during this phase—all of which informs our ability to develop a relevant and useful learning and evaluation plan.

Iterative Implementation Phase

Our learning and evaluation support prioritizes emergence, which means we expect our approach, methodology, learning and evaluation questions, and methods to shift as we learn more about the context and our relationships deepen.

What You Can Expect Working With Us

Hard Questions Icon

Not Shying Away From the Hard Questions

We believe that we cannot support change agents in dismantling systems of oppression without interrogating the ways in which capitalism and white supremacy shape all social institutions, including evaluations. We are committed to continuously learning from and with others and engaging in direct action in the ways available to us to challenge the status quo within evaluations and our society more broadly.

Expect The Unexpected Icon

Expect the Unexpected

Our training in anthropology and ethnography means that we are very comfortable with complexity and patient in the face of uncertainty—in large part due to the fact that in ethnography, the questions that guide the work change once you enter the field, gain a deeper understanding of the context, and learn first hand from community members what matters to them. If new insights and unexpected events mean that our learning evaluation agenda is no longer relevant or working, Coactive Change will recommend pivots and revisions—and be open to your suggestions for changes—to ensure that the evaluation is useful and relevant.

Cultural Humility Icon

Cultural Humility

We are committed to lifelong learning, self-reflection, and self-critique. We continuously seek out different perspectives and do so by creating opportunities to learn from and with you and your communities. We achieve this through reflective listening and dialogue to ensure that our work together centers your knowledge and experience.

How We Can Support You  

We support change agents through thought partnership, facilitation, and change strategy; evaluation capacity building; and collaborative and participatory evaluation.

Thought Partnership,
Facilitation, and Change Strategy

Through our work together—in response to what we learn through reflection, learning, and evaluation—we will prioritize dialogue and facilitation strategies that help you think intentionally and act strategically in service of the change you are trying to create.

  • Probing to uncover the assumptions that undergird your practice
  • Challenging how you think about and solve problems
  • Sharing alternative ways of thinking about issues and change strategies
  • Asking you powerful questions and holding space for critical reflection and dialogue
  • Working with you to interrogate the ways in which you support and disrupt systems of oppression

Evaluation Capacity Building
and Training

We offer evaluation capacity building throughout our work together—informally—and as a discrete, formal support. We can provide one-on-one coaching, group training and workshops, and technical assistance on a range of topics including:

  • Designing and executing evaluation and learning activities, and why your worldview matters
  • Collaborative, participatory, and transformative approaches to learning and evaluation
  • Innovative approaches to qualitative data collection and analysis
  • Team-based approaches to qualitative data collection and analysis
  • Qualitative data analysis software, including database development and management

Collaborative and
Participatory Evaluation

We work with you to design and execute evaluations from start to finish, and are careful to tailor the level of participation to your capacity and needs. We love:

  • Evaluation planning and design: Evaluation learning agendas, recruitment planning, theory of change, program maps, logic models, evaluation advisory committees
  • Data collection: Interviews, focus groups, World Cafes, journaling, participant observations, surveys, Before and After Action Reviews, and other participatory methods
  • Data analysis: Codebook development, grounded theory, thematic analysis, and inductive and deductive coding
  • Sensemaking, reporting, and dissemination: Sensemaking sessions, written reports, blogs, presentations, and publications

Current and Past Partners

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