Preamble to All Contracts

Coactive Change is a global majority, Black, and woman-owned consulting firm that partners with change agents seeking to dismantle systems of oppression and create a more just world. Coactive Change believes in the power of collective knowledge and collaboration between people with diverse, lived experiences and expertise to achieve our collective liberation. These values ground Coactive Change’s decisions regarding who to partner with and the types of work it participates in.

Coactive Change argues that approaches to reflection, learning, and evaluation that fail to involve those whose lives are impacted by evaluation practices and findings are inherently inequitable. For this reason, Coactive Change is  committed to centering the lived experiences of change agents, and the communities they work with, during our work together. Coactive Change acknowledges that it has a long way to go towards dismantling white supremacy, neoliberal racial capitalism, colonialism, and all intersecting systems of oppression, including oppressive structures within evaluation.  Coactive Change takes the political and ethnical stance that reparations and  land back  is a pivotal step towards addressing U.S. and European colonialism, genocide, and slavery, which manifest today in new forms (i.e., the prison industrial complex). With that said, by signing this Agreement, we  invite a collective commitment to:

  • Engaging in critical conversations, fostering space for reflection, reflexivity, and growth, and challenging ourselves to interrogate how our work can both reinforce and dismantle structural violence.
  • Calling out the ways white supremacy is embodied by challenging ourselves to act in ways that disrupts its hold on so many.
  • Acknowledging the inevitable tension and harm that will arise from the functions of this Agreement and the power differentials it confers.
  • Being our whole, radical, unapologetic selves because Coactive Change believes there is no untangling of our personal, political, and professional experiences. All of which shape and sustain our work.

This preamble represents one of many ways that we aim to disrupt and dismantle the white supremacist, neoliberal, and capitalistic systems under which we operate and that this contract represents—and begins to embody, imagine, and practice different ways of being and being in relation with one another that are liberatory, just, loving, and generative.

*Please note that this preamble was inspired by the work of Ubuntu Research.

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